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This section contains several past Shutterbug Magazine articles. Some are about equipment, but most are about my favorite topic, photo technique. I'm sure you'll find them educational!

Let me tell you how I got started writing for Shutterbug. When Shutterbug first started, it was a yellow newspaper full of classified ads. Then they decided to add content from contributers. I saw a story about technique that I didn't think was very well done and I told them about it. They asked me if I thought I could do better, and I said 'yes', so they asked me to write an article. There was this newfangled high speed film called Kodak VPH400 so I thought I'd write about how I used the high speed to my advantage on weddings. I hand wrote it, brought it to a place where they typed it up for me for $3.00 a page, put some 8x10's with it, and mailed it to Titusville FL. I never heard back from them, so I chalked it up.

Then one day the magazine came in the mail and my article was in it! I called and asked if I was writing for the magazine and they said 'sure'.

Fast forward to today. Film is becoming scarce, a big company, Primedia, owns the magazine, the year is laid out in advance, and I just got new speech recognition software because after well over 100 articles I still can't type!

So please enjoy some of my more recent articles, I don't think the one on VPH film will be of much use to you!

Sigma 150 f/2.8 Macro Lens

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Natural light Portraits

Fixed Focal length lenses

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