Cameras for professionals

In this category, we'll focus on DSLR's - digital single lens reflex cameras. Why? Because that's what 95% of professional portrait and wedding photographers use. I currently use a DSLR for all my work. And I'm guessing 80% of the DSLR market is taken by Nikon Canon and Fuji with the rest of the market split between Olympus. Pentax and others. I've had first hand experience with Nikon, Canon and Fuji, and own Nikon and Fuji equipment, and I can tell you that they all make a model that is capable of producing professional quality photos. I use Nikon and Fuji because I've had Nikon cameras and lenses for years and using them is second nature to me. If you are starting from scratch with a new system, ask yourself this before buying a camera:

What kind of photos do I take? (ALWAYS the first question!)

If you take sports photos, you need speed. If you take group photos, a full frame camera is better for wide angle lenses. If you take portraits, you may want to look for the 'perfect' lens first, and then buy the body to go with it. If you use flash often, as in weddings, look at the flash units first to make an informed decision.

To take a look at what I've been using for my portrait work, along with my reasoning for my choices,

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