Shoot the Moon Consulting

Shoot the Moon Consulting provides a revolutionary 'team' approach to the consulting business. By combining the elements of photography, business, sales and marketing, we can help put any photo studio into 'warp drive' making dramatic and rapid improvements in their photography and business skills at the same time.

By combining the skills of Steve Bedell, M'Photog.Cr., and Candace Pratt Stiteler, Cr.Photog,PPA Certified, PPA Approved Business Instructor, we can lay out a 'game plan' that will save you years of trial and error and put your business on the road to profitability. Some, but not all, of the areas to be covered include:


Studio Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Work flow


Equipment Choices

Much More


Defining Your Business

Pricing for Profit

Sales Procedures

Much More

All applicants will be given a comprehensive questionnaire to fill out and will submit a small portfolio of work before beginning the consulting process.

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