Photo critiques are one of the best ways to improve your photography - especially if it's of one of YOUR PHOTOS! We'll be analyzing images both by using photos AND videos. We'll be sending out notices periodically in our 'EPhoto' newsletter calling for entries, so watch for the details about how to send your photos in. We'll be looking for all types of work - portrait, wedding, scenic, fine art, etc. remember if you submit work, we won't choose every photo and please have a thick skin - we're all here to learn!

I can remember the first photo I put into a monthly meeting competition. I was so proud of it. The photographers critiquing it weren't quite so enamored with it. They even asked 'Who took this?' and they had cut it up so much I didn't even own up to it!

So don't feel bad, us the link below to see the latest examples. We'll be using common sense and the Professional Photographers of America 12 Elements for our critiques.

Blue Man Group by Dennis Spaziano, CPP

We'll be adding more video critiques, stay tuned!

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