EPhoto 139

"Full of Life"

Let's take a more detailed look at this image. First, the title. The best advice I ever heard about titles was from Duncan McNab when I was judging someplace out west. He said if a title helps explain a print, fine. If you (as a Judge) don't understand it, ignore it. So I always try to choose a title that helps explain the image. If it doesn't need explaining, I make a very simple title, like 'Tulips'.

This image is titled Full of Life" It ties together the wonderful expression plus the baby feet lapel pin he's wearing. The feet represent the feet of a baby at a certain age as a fetus and are a pro-life statement. This is an example of Story Telling, one of the PPA elements. The title also adds to the Impact of the image, a very important element.

The Lighting is a very important element in this image. We are all about lighting. Skillful lighting can create dimension, draw our eye to areas we want them to go, create mood, and so much more. It's not how many lights you use, it's how you use it! In this case we've got one big window to the left. By turning his head slightly into it, we've created a lighting pattern that shapes his face and shows texture. A "short" light is created by 'shooting' into the shadow side of the face. A silver reflector adds light to the side of his head and ear. That's a hearing aid in his ear.
This image was printed by Jonathan Penney and the print quality is excellent. You cannot enter an image with less than perfect print quality and expect to do well. I choose to make a black and white image with a white border because I wanted a very classic and timeless presentation.

The image was taken with a Nikon D200 camera with a Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 lens. ISO was 640, taken at 60mm, 1/125th @f/2.8

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