Family Portraits A-Z

The information that will literally transform your business.....

Hi. I'm Steve Bedell. And I'm very excited about my latest product. I've done several ebooks and educational DVD's on lighting, business and high school seniors. And while I believe they offered good value for the money, I believe that the information contained in "Family Portraits A-Z" is the most important and most valuable that I have ever done.

This project contains the most in depth and complete coverage of how to market, photograph and sell family portraits. Nothing has been left out, even the pricing! I believe that any photographer out there today, from someone who's been at it 20 years to a certified newcomer, can use the information found here to make an almost IMMEDIATE impact on their family portrait business. I'm talking a matter of days and weeks if you implement the ideas and strategies that I tell you about! And these ideas and strategies will continue to give you a steady stream of well qualified, check in hand clients for years to come! But more about that later, let's take a look right now to see just what's included in "Family Portraits A-Z".

There are two main components to "Family Portraits A-Z". The first component is the text. I've been a pro photographer for over 30 years. In that time I've picked up a few things. I've also made plenty of mistakes. So I've distilled it all down for you here. There's no fluff or filler in this book. It's only 44 pages long. But in it you'll learn everything you need to know to be successful in family portraits.

You'll learn:

* Sure fire ways to get that phone to ring

* The importance of consultations

* How to increase word of mouth traffic

* What equipment you need (it's less than you think!)

* Viral Marketing

* The three elements of a perfect file

* The Five Rules of Facebook

* Should you be your own lab?

And that's just for starters! Remember, I told you I was going to tell you EVERYTHING!

Because even if you get them in the studio and take great photos, what happens if you get a lousy sale? They don't get a wall portrait they should have and you're on your way to fine dining at McDonald's again! So to make sure that doesn't happen, I've included plenty more to help you earn the income you deserve. Take a look at this:

* Projecting the RIGHT way

* Why showing LESS images may make you MORE money

* An EXACT script for you to say to overcome objections BEFORE you start projecting!

* When to sell frames, and how to do it 95% of the time

* Should you FIRE yourself as the salesperson?

* Payment plans to stabilize your income

And more! Use these techniques we give you to increase your sales and have your clients thank you for it!

But Wait......There's More!

It's that line made famous from Ginsu knives to Fishin' Magicians. But it's never been more true! The Portfolio Collection takes you along with me for 20 family portrait sessions. I talk about the light, pose, clothing, even some things I wish I did better! There are over 50 photos to help you with the photography. Each family has it's own 'Tech-Talk' box with full details. Print out this 26 page document and bring it with you on your next session for great ideas!

Amazing Super Bonus!

I want you to have a steady stream of good, cash in hand clients all year round. So I'm going to show you how you can.

I'm going to tell you about an amazing marketing system that is so powerful that it alone is worth many times what you paid for this information.

It is so powerful that it will practically instantly transform your business.

Let me tell you a little bit about it first though. You see, I heard about this photographer years ago that was not a PPA member, couldn't care less about print competition, but just quietly went about his business, working two or three days a week and pulling down a tremendous income. About eight years ago, he agreed to spill the beans on his amazing marketing system - but for a price - a pretty steep price! Me and 19 other photographers from around the world traveled to the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Chicago to learn the secrets. The cost? A mere $2500! Plus travel. Plus bringing Lorraine. It makes what you pay for this seem like peanuts!

Read what others say....

"A road map to success in family portraits....Great job!"

Gary Thibeault, Westerly RI, Master Photographer, RI

"...most complete, and honest, summary of everything you need to do to be successful as a family portrait photographer....fantastic resource"

Gene Paltrineri, Master Photographer, NH

"Steve's "Family Portraits From A to Z" leaves nothing out. His generous offering of artistic, technical, and profitable approaches to the lucrative market of family portraiture is peerless."

Rick Avalos M.Photog.Cr. Pueblo CO

About Steve

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I hold both the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman Degrees from the Professional Photographers of America. I've presented programs at PPA, WPPI, and many states and regions across the country. I've written hundreds of articles for Shutterbug magazine and many others.

I've won more awards than any photographer in the history of the New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association, including being named Photographer of the Year SEVEN times, something no one else has done more than twice!

I've got slews of first place, Best of Shows, Kodak and Fuji Awards and the Imaging Excellence Award from the PPA. I'm also a PPA Approved Affiliate Print Juror.

At the Professional Photographers Association of New England 2009 Conference, I had the highest print score in New England with a 98! All but one judge scored it 100! It was NOT of a model, it was a natural light portrait, my specialty.

Having been a studio owner for over 30 years, you can see I am very qualified in both fields.

OK, what's this going to cost me?

Believe me, I had to think long and hard about divulging all this information. Hey, if you paid $2500 for the secret of having a continuous flow of great business, you'd probably want to keep it to yourself too, wouldn't you? Did I mention how the first Alliance order we got almost paid for the entire trip?

So considering the value of this information and the amount of time I've spent preparing it to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to be successful, I was considering some pretty hefty prices. After all, I've paid over $100 just for little pieces of information, and gladly, not the whole shebang! I routinely fly to conferences and conventions in hopes of finding just a couple of ideas that will help my business stay at the top of the heap.

But I always consider my audience. They are the 100,000 photographers who read Shutterbug every month. They are the 2136 subscribers to my EPhoto newsletter. They are my friends who are having a difficult time right now.

So I considered $249 as a fair price for a complete education in the field of family portraiture - lots less than a college degree! I also considered $149 as a fair price. It is, it's more than fair, but I think that by crossing the $100 line I'll create a barrier for some, and they are the ones that need it most.

So here's what I'm going to do - for now. The price is $129. But I know for some of you that may be a barrier, and I honestly want you to be successful. So I'm going to sell it for only $97. I don't know how long I'm going to do that and I may change my mind any day. But for now, $97 is all you have to pay to get what I have no doubt is the best, most complete information you've ever had for your family portrait business.

And I haven't left anything out, you'll still get all the bonuses, including the marketing plan that can take your business and practically put it on autopilot.

All you need to do is click the PayPal link below. Even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can use your credit card. If you just need to have a CD mailed to you, call me at 603-743-5732 and give me a card number. It will cost you $20 more, your call.

100% Rock Solid Guarantee

I know I can offer you a 100% money back guarantee because I've done it on all my other products and nobody returns them! OK, less than 1%! Take 30 days. See if the information isn't 100% as described above. If you really believe you haven't got all I said and more, contact me and I'll issue you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

Please, after you've put the new information to use in your business, be sure to contact me with your success stories, I'd love to hear them!

IMPORTANT NOTE! This is a downloadable product! You will have instantly! After paying with PayPal, there will be a link that says "Continue". You need to press that link to go to the download page!

You do NOT need a PayPal account! You may use your credit card with PayPal!

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