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Using the link below will take you to the EPhoto Elite Forum. But before you go there, please read the following:

You can use a FREE trial admission until March 1 2008. After that time, the Forum, video critiques, and teleconferences will be part of the premium content for a minimal fee of $4.95 a month. Please read the following forum rules and abide by them. Anyone not strictly adhering to the rules will be removed!

You MUST use you full name, like 'Steve Bedell'

You must be considerate and respectful.

No profanity allowed. No politics or religion.

Use a 'real' photo of yourself or no avatar. We want to see you!

Critique all images as if they were your own and state your qualifications if needed. It's OK to comment without critiquing.

There may be more but you get the idea. Basically state who you are and don't be a jerk and we'll get along fine!
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