Site Build It!

People who know me know that I have a very 'un-technical' mind. So when I decided to take my EPhoto newsletter and expand it to online content, I was faced with a big decision - hire someone to design it for me or do tha web design myself. Now, I don't mind hiring someone but I want to be constantly adding and updating the site, so I though there must be some way I could do it myself. Thus began an Internet search for some type of hosting company with some easy to use templates that even a self proclaimed 'technical dunce' like me could handle.

I soon realized there wasn't much out there that fit my needs as far as hosting and template companies. I ran across this company called SBI that not only offers a realistic way to build a site, but also one that is search engine oriented and extremely flexible. They are perfectly designed to take advantage of income opportunities from Google Ads and show you how to get your site toward the top of the rankings by using real content, not tricks. I admit it's been a journey for someone as non-technical as me, but I'm keeping up on the journey and suggest if you have an idea for an income producing web site you take a look at SBI by clicking on the link below here or at the bottom of most pages.

Solo Build It!

Note: If you come across any negative reviews, keep in mind these may come from a Solo Build It scam attack campaign from a few years ago.