EPhoto Sponsors

EPhoto and EPhoto Photo School are sponsored by some of the finest companies in the photo industry. When I look for a company to deal with, I look for three things: Value, Product Selection, and customer service. The companies below excel in all three areas. If you are in the photography business, you need three main companies to deal with: Your color lab (unless you're printing yourself, not something I recommend, especially for newer, small studios), your album company, and your frame company.

In alphabetical order, here are the companies I highly recommend that can help you grow your business.

Capri Album: It seems like there is a new 'album company' every day. Wouldn't it be nice to deal with one that is well established and respected in the industry? One that takes customer service seriously and has a sales staff that can help you grow your business? Capri Album is such a company, whether you're looking for wedding albums, bound books, folios or other items to increase your sales, they are there to assist you. For more about Capri, please visit their company site listed below.

Capri Album Company Capri Album Company

If frames aren't your studio's second highest source of income, you're probably doing something wrong! Correct that RIGHT NOW by visiting The Levin Company's web site (listed below). This family run business from California has been supplying my framing needs for many years now. They offer a huge variety of frames, software to help you get those big print sales, great pricing and service, and they're the nicest people you'd ever want to deal with. If this doesn't sound like your frame company, they'd be glad to assist you!

The Levin Company

My photo lab for many years has been LustreColor. I use them because when it comes to getting a perfect print from my files with no fuss from me, and getting it at a great price, they just can't be beat. I haven't even looked at another lab in years. It's because they are truly my 'unseen business partner'. Just like in the 'old days' of film, I sent my stuff to them and it comes back. I don't even look at it because it's always right on the money. The only difference is that now they have so many products that help me increase sales.

If you want to spend your life in front of a computer adjusting levels, curves, color, etc. in Photoshop, be my guest. If you want to use a lab that does all that for you and frees you to spend time on more important things like marketing, sales, and yes, taking pictures, then talk to the friendly staff at LustreColor. Your days of 'lab shopping' will be done!